Everyone is a storyteller…

Whether we write or not, we narrate our thoughts, feelings and experiences in order to make sense of our lives. I write because it makes me happy. Anything else that comes from it is just icing on the cake.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Gaudi, Spanish History

On Spain: An Unfinished Country

I sat quietly among the flurry of languages on L2 on the Barcelona metro. We were heading west towards La Pau, but few would go that far. At 2:30 in the afternoon, it was unlikely that these were commuters. I looked around and tried to guess who would be getting… Read more →

Trafalgar Square, things to do in London

Go to London This Summer!

I’m writing this because living in London has its ups and downs. I also just came back from holiday in Spain and I LOVED IT, so I have a bit of the vacation blues. I wrote a similar article about Toronto last year when I returned from Martinique, and it… Read more →

surf board, martinique, surfing in martinique, Anse Charpentier, Le Marigot

My Blue Crush – Surfing in Martinique

I slowed down for a second – just a second – to catch my breath. I thought I had made it past her but when I looked up she was right there. I was staring right into her face. Her lip curled bearing sharp, white teeth. Then, darkness. It was… Read more →

4 Places to Find a Summer Fling in London

Wow! It’s been a year since I came to London to see Tom, meet his friends and family and so on. It’s also been a year since we weren’t sure whether we could go on. I’m happy I made that decision, because one year since that visit and here I… Read more →

Exeter Quay, River Exe

A Long Weekend in Exeter

If you’ve been keeping track of the ‘where I’ve been’ widget in the sidebar, you might have noticed that I’ve been doing a decent job of exploring England. I’ve recently added Bath, Bristol and Ross-on-Wye to Cambridge, Horsham, Windsor, Leicester, Bridgend, Swansea, and Whitland to my list of places I’ve… Read more →


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