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How to Spend Six Weeks in Morocco: A Solo Female Travel Experience

Last year I spent a total of two months travelling in Morocco, most of which I spent solo. While planning my first six-week trip, I read a lot of articles and blog posts written by women who had travelled Morocco solo. If you’ve done even a bit of research on the…

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A Day Trip to Ouarzazate and Ait Benhaddou

“This is the most famous viewpoint in all of Morocco,” said Omar, our Marrakshi guide for the day. “It is called Tizi n’Tichka pass and what you are looking at are the Atlas Mountains.” It had taken nearly two hours of driving along some of the scariest and most nausea-inducing…

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Young & Happy Hostel in Marrakech: A Review

Hostel and hotel reviews are generally not my thing on this blog, but I just had to write about this hostel in Marrakech! If you recall, I stayed in a few hostels during my last trip to Morocco — like the cheap but not particularly cheerful hostel (or maybe a…

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11 Places You Probably Weren’t Planning on Travelling to but Should

Just because a city isn’t on the tourist map doesn’t mean the place isn’t worth your time. In fact, that should only make you keener to go! Many major tourist destinations have their so-called second cities: places that are often just as interesting as the key location but overshadowed by…

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Countdown to My Favourite City in Morocco, Part II

On Saturday night I was out watching the Six Nations finals and a friend-of-a-friend asked me: What was the best experience you had in Morocco? It’s a tough question! I had so many different experiences in those six weeks of solo travelling around Morocco that it’s really hard to say. I met…

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Countdown to My Favourite City in Morocco, Part I

What an experience six weeks of solo travelling around Morocco was! I learned so much about the place and met so many wonderful people. I was going to do a full countdown of my favourite cities, but the post would have been a couple thousand words, so I decided to…

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On Finding Serenity in the Chaos, Chefchaouen

Beep! Beep! The sharp honk of a white scooter pulled me out of my trance. Monday in Chefchaouen: it’s a market day. Traders set up stalls or lay their wares on tarps along the sidewalks down Calle Zerktouni, a short street off Avenida Hassan II, and continue into the residential…

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The Best Restaurants in Marrakech for Giving Back to the Community

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I borderline hated Marrakech. I resented having to go back after Tom and I went to Agadir. Marrakech was the fourth city I visited and it was completely unlike the other places I had been. At first it was in…

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Essaouira: the Good, the Bad, and the Shitty

Essaouira. What a whirlwind of a town. And by whirlwind I mostly just mean wind because that place is windy as! I really liked Essaouira and I think that given the choice of the cities I’ve been to so far, I would totally live there. It’s small enough to find…

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Things To Do in Agadir Besides Lying on the Beach

I’m wrapping up five days spent in Agadir and it has been a wonderful way to ease into six weeks of backpacking Morocco! Agadir is a place that suffers (and prospers?) from too many packaged tours. A lot of tourists come here, stay at resorts, and only do guided tours…

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