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How the Heck Do You Make Friends in London?

Yes, the ever-elusive ‘how to…

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What is “Home” When You’re In Constant Motion?

  Home It’s an elusive…

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I’m Back in Canada. But I’m Not Home.

(Goodness I’m melodramatic!) Things are…

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God is squatting with us, flat hunting in london, finding a place to live in london

Reader Question # 7: How Do I Find a Flat in London?

Flat hunting in London is…

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visa status on CV, getting a job on the youth mobility visa, applying for a job with a visa, getting hired in the UK

Reader Question # 6: Should I Put My Youth Mobility Visa Status on my CV?

Hi Alyssa! I got my…

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canadian passport, uk youth mobility visa, work in the UK

Getting a UK Youth Mobility Visa for Canadians

About This Guide This is…

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Street art in Vienna, FAQ

Youth Mobility Visa for Canadians – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions New in 2015:…

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Surviving Your First Lessons as a Teaching Assistant in France

It’s that time of year…

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Reader Question # 4: How to Bring Money Over to the UK?

How have people brought their…

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