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8 Practical Communication Tips for Travelling With Your SO

A lot of couples travel articles talk about the importance of good communication while travelling with your partner. But what does that mean and how do you execute it? In just a few days, Tom and I will be boarding flights to Jamaica for our quarterly long-distance relationship symposium. While we’ve equally…

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So You’ve Moved Abroad for Love – Now What?

The decision to move has been made. The flight has been taken. The honeymoon period of being in the same room with your boo has worn off. Then BAM! Reality kicks you in the ovaries. Some people call it culture shock; I call it the What Moment. It’s that moment when…

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The Annoying Shit People Say When I Travel Without My Boyfriend

I don’t think I’ve ever cursed in the title of a blog post but this one has really gotten on my tits. When I was planning my trip to Morocco I told people I would be going for at least a month. If they knew I had a boyfriend or…

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Thinking About Moving Abroad for Love? Read This First.

“So, what brings you to London?” I hate when people ask me that question. Being the awkward turtle that I am, I have developed a number of canned responses: The professional response: “I wanted to work in digital and there’s no better place to do that than London — at…

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Sex in Martinique: 8 Practical Tips

I wrote in my Year in Search article that queries related to sex in Martinique is one of the most common search terms I get for people who find my blog. The post they land on isn’t about intercourse at all, it’s a narrative story about the moment when I…

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One Reason Travelling as a Couple Sucks

Dear, oh dear. I haven’t been publishing as regularly as I wanted to. I’m not mad, though. It’s because I’ve been swamped with freelance work! Just to show that I haven’t forgot about you, here’s a new post. It’s a topic I’ve been thinking about for awhile and I hope…

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Our Romantic Day Out in Brighton

A couple months ago, I told Tom that he “needs to be more romantic.” I believe I said, “Whisk me away.” I know, I’m a demanding broad. But I’m a firm believer that you need to continue ‘dating’ regardless of how long you’ve been together. And that means planning fun…

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How to Piss Off Your Partner While Living Abroad Together

No matter how much you love each other, living with your partner can be pretty difficult. Add to that a foreign country and extenuating circumstances and it could be the beginning of the end. For Tom and I, it almost was. This post was originally going to be called “How…

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Travel Tips

*Warning: there will be a lot of lovey-dovey pictures of Tom and I. Prepare thy barf-bag. There are two celebrations I’ve developed especially low expectations for: Valentine’s Day and my birthday. Coincidentally, they fall within two days of each other. I’m not bitter because of bad experiences or anything, it’s…

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When It’s Not Really Goodbye

“On y va!”, Tommy yelled, the boat starting with a roar. As I sat on this boat filled mostly with Martiniquais, I picked out a young couple sitting in the back. They were British. The woman had her hair cornrowed into a ponytail, a blue printed dress, and was scribbling…

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