Holy Trinity Column Olomouc, Czech Republic
Holy Trinity Column – Olomouc, Czech Republic || Photo by Wilson Tang via Trover

Prague is an amazing place, filled with history, intrigue, and beauty. You could easily spend months exploring every alley and medieval building, but there is more to Czech history than this crazy city! If you want to see more of the country, Prague is a great place to be based. The city has excellent transport links, and hotels in Prague are some of the best in the country. Getting out of the city is a great way to see the real Czech Republic.

Here are some day trips to make from Prague so you can see another side of the country:

Love Cheese? Try Olomouc

Olomouc is the fifth-largest city in the Czech Republic and was once the capital of Moravia. Famous for its eponymous stinky cheese, this city is a great place to see what the Czech Republic has to offer. Fast trains go to Olomouc in about two hours, making it an easy journey for a day trip from Prague.

Olomouc was built for relaxing, so find yourself a favourite café and watch the world go by in the squares with their lovely fountains. Though overshadowed by Prague’s, this city’s town hall has a communist-inspired astronomical clock. Be sure to visit UNESCO World Heritage Plague column and St. Wenceslas Cathedral while you’re there.

Love Beer? Head to Plzen

The trip to Plzen, birthplace of pilsner lager, is only about an hour and a half on the train from Prague and is rife with opportunities to sample (okay, drink!) the local brew. Head tothe Pilsner Urquell brewery for a tour of the brewery and preserved underground tunnels, as well as a tasting session, to learn more about one of the Czech Republic’s most beloved tipples.

Plzen’s attractions aren’t just limited to beer: The city is home to the Great Synagogue, one of the world’s biggest, and the Old Town is especially picturesque, circled by gardens that you’ll want to spend a few hours just relaxing in.

Spa Day? Visit Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is an excellent place to relax and soak in the natural spring waters, which are renowned for their healing properties. Head here and you’ll be in good company: Mozart, Kafka, Beethoven, and even Casanova used to bathe here.

There are 12 sources to visit, which could take all day, but don’t forget to climb up to the Diana Observation Tower to enjoy great views, eat the city’s famous spa wafers, and drink from the unofficial 13th source: Becherovka, a liqueur made from herbs.

History Buff? Go to Terezin

Those who are interested in WWII and Jewish history will find the hour-long bus ride from Prague worth the effort. Terezin was turned into a Jewish ghetto during World War II, which makes this former concentration camp an educational and historical experience. You can take a tour of the concentration camp or explore the town on your own. This memorial is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic, commemorating the victims of Nazi rule.

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