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When I say I’m a freelance writer/content marketer/SEO/anything I can get my hands on, people ask me questions like “What do you actually do?” or “What are your days like?”

I’m writing this so people can get an idea of what I do – emphasis on the I. By the end of the week, you’ll have a bit of an idea of how I schedule my work, the kind of work I do, and perhaps the most interesting:  how much I make. Enjoy!

* * *

Thursday June 4

7:15 — Up and at ’em! By that I mean I read the Guardian until about 8, made a coffee, and watched the news.

8:30 — Plop down on the couch and get my laptop out. I check my emails and did a bit of inbox housekeeping, responding to emails and the like.

9:00 — I do outreach and write an article until 1, finishing up the rest of my day rate work from yesterday. I made another coffee at some point.

13:00 — I start working on the travel blog post I mentioned on Wednesday until I realize I hadn’t eaten yet today. I make a quick stirfry with the leftover veg I have from my organic Riverford box (I have a lot of subscriptions, I’m realizing…?), which I eat on the couch while typing with one hand and shovelling food into my mouth with the other. The article took longer than I had hoped – about an hour and a half for 500 words.

“Get up very early and get going at once. In fact, work first and wash afterwards.” — W.H. Auden

14:30 — I get an email from the client I sent the ideas to yesterday. He’s chosen the topics and I’ll be writing one first thing tomorrow morning.

14:45 — I started doing some photo editing for a post that will be going live tomorrow (this one). I had to look through all my pictures from my trip to Barcelona last year and edit them. There were more than my Toronto piece (which went live today!).

15:15 — My mom calls me. She’s a nurse and is working weekends so she’s got Thursday off. We chat for about an hour and a half (we haven’t talked for a couple weeks). I finished the editing while on the phone (sorry mom!), but the call did cut into some of the work I still had to do.

16:45 — I’m out of my “zone” so I check Facebook and send a few messages to friends I’d like to see on my upcoming trip.

17:00 — I want to call it quits for the day – apparently it’s beautiful out and I want to see it for myself! Alas, I have a busy Friday ahead and I know that pushing things back again would be a mistake. Look at that, I finally show a modicum of discipline. I start the research for the next airport I’m copywriting.

18:00 — That’s finished and I’m updating this lovely blog post. I’m going to shower now (I know, I know… but this is real life, alright!) and head down to Covent Garden to meet my friend for a Dancehall class at Pineapple Studios. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be mortifying.

I may come home and write up the airport, but if I’m honest, I’ll more likely eat a pork bun from a stall in Chinatown and go to bed.


It certainly was mortifying, I didn’t have a pork bun (I had a red bean bun instead!), and I did about an hour of work until 11pm before going to bed.

Words written: 1,287 1,709

Articles completed: 2

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Photo courtesy of Ritesh Nayak via Flickr

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