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When I say I’m a freelance writer/content marketer/SEO/anything I can get my hands on, people ask me questions like “What do you actually do?” or “What are your days like?”

I’m writing this so people can get an idea of what I do – emphasis on the I. By the end of the week, you’ll have a bit of an idea of how I schedule my work, the kind of work I do, and potentially the most interesting:  how much I make. Enjoy!

* * *

Wednesday June 3

8:00 — I woke up and jumped in the shower. I made and drank a coffee while listening to the French news and chopping up salad for lunch. I took the bus to the British Library.

9:30 — Arrived at the BL and people were waiting outside in a queue. I debated walking in (i.e. jumping the queue) – we were all going to get in anyways! — but my Canadian sensibilities won over and I went to the back of the line 🙁

9:35 — I explored the free exhibition, which was displaying the notebooks and manuscripts of writers, playwrights, and composers. Looking at the handwriting of Charlotte Bronte, Charles Dickens, and Jane Austen, I was quite inspired. You could see their editing process – scribbled words and scratched out prose. It’s something we don’t get as much anymore with all of the digital writing.

9:45 — I read some emails and schedule my client’s tweets for the day.

10:00 — Start outreach from a client who found me through a Google search (websites do work!). I get paid my day rate, so I do whatever work needs to be done during this time with certain deliverables. For half-a-day, I work with bloggers and write an article for one of my client’s clients. I’ll do the other half-day tomorrow or Friday  in order to wait for responses and emails.

       “Life is an involuntary trajectory through time…” — Angela Carter

13:30 — The client I’m doing the app copywriting for has asked for an edit. It’s a quick one, so I do that before jetting off to meet bae during his long lunch break around 1:45. We get a coffee and cake at Upper Fleet and I eat the salad I made for lunch.

14:40 — Back to the BL, check emails and a bit of Facebook. I have another coffee as I have dance class later.

14:50 — Photo sourcing and editing time. It’s not my favourite task and it’s a bit time consuming on the free Wi-Fi, but it gets done eventually. I schedule some blog posts that are for a travel client’s campaign.

16:00 — I finish that blog post I started on Monday and send it off for her to have a look at and schedule. I check some emails; I’ve got a couple interesting business opportunities that I’ll have to investigate further.

17:00 — I’m out the door to head to my contemporary class I take with a friend at the Idea Store. Taking the bus was a mistake; I end up being a bit late. My friend I chat over a cheeky curry in Whitechapel and head back to our respective homes. I have more work I could do but it’s nearly 10 so I watch YouTube for a bit and go to bed.

Tomorrow I have a travel article and a new airport to write, some more outreach, and photo sourcing to do. I may venture out again because I think I get a lot more work done that way.

Words written: 1,209 + Tweets + Emails

Articles Completed: 2

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