Alyssa Writes

Stay Healthy While Travelling

When I got a call back from my doctor after a series of blood and STI tests:

 When I found out I’m just anemic, I was like

More steak?

Ladies and gentlemen: do your annual check-ups – even if you don’t think you have anything to be concerned about. I’ve been with my partner for awhile now, but I still do a full work-up because I’ve been travelling, walking barefoot and sleeping outdoors in countries where insects and puddles with rat urine in them can kill you. Fact. I would have liked to say that I discovered some horrible flesh-eating disease in order to scare my readers into getting checked out, but I’d rather share my experience of reassurance.

There are no excuses in Canada or the UK – healthcare is free and honestly, there’s nowhere else but home that I’d want to find out if something were wrong.  To continue your journey (in life or abroad) with peace of mind just go see a doctor, do the paperwork and give some blood for a good cause: your health.