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One Year of Alyssa Writes!

Happy 23rd to me!

Happy Birthday!
This was actually at the surprise party for my 23rd birthday in Martinique <3

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, one of the things I appreciate the most about this blog is all of the people who read my posts, leave comments and send me e-mails. It’s amazing to be able to build a community around something that is, in my case, a hobby. I’m really thankful for all of the opportunities that I’ve received and all of the great people I’ve met as a result of this blog.

But enough of the sappy stuff! As a thank you, I’ve partnered with some awesome brands to bring you 3 – yes, THREE – prizes! I’m sure you’re dying to know what they are…

$200 Travel Voucher

Flying over Iceland

My blog is here to help inspire and promote travel, so I thought this was a very apt prize! Offered by Aussie and Kiwi online travel agent Webjet, this voucher will get you $200 AUD off any flights or hotels booked through their website. In the meantime, check out their website for cheap flights and hotels! P.S. The flights can be from anywhere to anywhere, not just Australia!

Ron Zacapa 23

As a tribute to my time spent in the Caribbean, and my interest in rum, newly launched drinks website Alexander & James has offered this 700mL bottle of Ron Zacapa 23. Alexander & James is backed by Diageo and they offer high-end spirits with exceptional knowledge and service. If you have someone in your life who loves their tipple, they have an emphasis on gift giving (hence their gift here!) and offer complimentary cards, engraving, and really nice packaging. Please note this can only be shipped to the UK and Germany.

All my rum…paraphernalia

The Alchemist

Of course this is probably one of the most meaningful prizes for me, and I’m offering it from my own means. This book is one of the things that pushed me to travel, and do what makes me happy. It’s part of the reason I’m here and that I can do this for you all, so I’m offering up the graphic novel version of one of my favourite books. Don’t worry, I’m not going to sign it or anything, it’s not like I’m famous!

So, how can you win one of these lovely prizes? Easy:

1. Share this post via your favourite social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, G+). Don’t forget to tag me!

2. I have a tattoo on my wrist in Latin that means ‘Always Learning’. So, answer this question in the comments below: What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in the past year? How did you learn this lesson? Also, let me know what would be your favourite prize!

This giveaway is now closed.


Congratulations to the winners of my one year blogiversary giveaway! I put names in a mug for each prize and my colleague drew the names, so blame him if you’re disappointed! 🙂

$200 Travel Voucher – Kelsey

Bottle of Ron Zacapa 23 – Fredi

The Alchemist (graphic novel) – Kim