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Mexico is constantly in the news, and it’s rarely for something positive. Everyone knows the concerns about travelling to the country, yet millions of tourists go there every year. Which side should you take? You could listen to the news and the warnings and miss out on a fun holiday, but travellers have visited so-called dangerous countries for years and the majority return with great memories, not scars. The trick to travelling to a country like Mexico is knowing the dangers, and being cautious and aware of where you go and your actions.

Here are some things you should know while planning your trip to Ixtapa:

Ixtapa is on the State Department’s list of safe states

The United States’s State Department has a list of Mexican states that have travel advisories in effect. Ixtapa is a safe city to visit, provided you travel by air or cruise ship and stay in tourist areas. The government is naturally prudent in this area, so it still suggests exercising caution on your visit.

Stave off Chikungunya

Chikungunya (or other mosquito-borne illnesses) are a risk anywhere there are mosquitoes. Take care of yourself to avoid getting bites by using mosquito repellent, especially if you’ll be near vegetation or standing water.

Enjoy the waves

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the water while you’re in Ixtapa — and it means you can stay in the more touristy areas. Boogie boarding at Playa La Ropa, snorkelling or scuba diving off the reefs, or hiring jet skis for the day will offer plenty of fun for everyone.

If you want to stray off the beaten path…

Try to book with tour companies. Plenty of companies can take you on a variety of tours and excursions in the region. You can take a full exploration of Zihuatanejo, a countryside tour of Barra de Potosi, or go horseback riding on the Playa Linda. Book with a reputable company and you won’t have to worry about getting lost or ending up in an uncomfortable situation.

Dance the night away

Ixtapa isn’t as famous for its nightlife like Cancun and Cabo, but there are still some places frequented by tourists where you can have a good time. Kopados (Treehouse) has live music playing Thursday through Saturday, and Rossy’s at the end of La Ropa beach is a great place to get your groove on while holding an ice-cold margarita.

Beware of pickpockets and petty crime

Don’t get so caught up in trying to avoid the big problems that you forget about petty crime problems (that can happen anywhere). Being pickpocketed is more likely on your trip than anything else. Don’t carry more cash or valuables than you need, and lock up your passport and things like laptops and jewelry in your Ixtapa hotel safe while you’re out.

There are so many fabulous things to do in Mexico that it would be a shame to miss out due to fear. If you’re planning a trip to Ixtapa, be aware and stay safe – but don’t let that stop you from having a good time.

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  1. Vacationed in Ixtapa back in 1995, ended up EXTENDING the vacation for another five days! Needless to say, I loved the place. I can’t remember where I stayed, but it was a deluxe hotel with pools, swim up bars, pool volleyball and more! Met some really cool staff and am planning on going back this summer, 2019….

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