Trip to Arlington, VA
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If Washington, D.C. were a celebrity, then Arlington would be its well-respected intellectual sibling. Arlington is across the Potomac River, and while it doesn’t have the same draw as D.C. does, it has a rich military history and a top American university.

There are so many things to do in Arlington that you should plan your trip in advance to make sure you are able to fit everything in, especially if you are visiting the university.

The Best Ways to Get to Arlington

Getting to Arlington from DC
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Reagan National Airport is situated within Arlington and is served by a number of regional airlines, while Dulles International Airport is just a 15-minute drive from Arlington. Dulles offers regular direct flights from a number of popular destinations around the world.

Visitors should take a train into Washington, D.C. That way they can relax while enjoying the variety of scenery that can be found through the United States and end up in Union Station in the big city. A short metro ride across the river will have you in Arlington in 30 minutes.

Great Accommodation Options

There are plenty of clean and comfortable hotels to choose from throughout Arlington. To be near the city centre and the metro for getting around, look for places on Arlington Boulevard and Courthouse Road. Many hotels in Arlington offer special rates for visitors who visit in the low season, the summer months like July and August. With the sweltering heat, people are less likely to visit.

If you’re travelling to Arlington to visit Marymount University, there are plenty of great accommodation options and some hotels like the Westin Arlington Gateway offer discounts to prospective students.

Arlington in All Seasons

The most popular time to visit Arlington is during the summer months when the weather is at its warmest and visitors will be able to enjoy plenty of sunshine, even making a trip to one of Virginia’s many beaches! If you want to beat the crowds, take advantage of the great deals you can get while travelling between November and April. Hotel prices get pushed up due the rise of business travellers, but staying in an Airbnb room can help you keep within budget.

Arlington is gorgeous in the winter months and people who are willing to wrap up will experience a cheery festive period. It’s also the perfect time to do a night tour of Washington, D.C. when the city is all dressed up for Christmas.

Top Arlington Experiences

Image via Flickr by Cocoabiscuit
Image via Flickr by Cocoabiscuit

Arlington really comes to life in early April when it celebrates the Cherry Blossom Festival. It’s a beautiful festival and many Japanese travellers come to the city to see the pink flowers blooming and floating in the air. You’ll also have the chance to sample fresh local produce and witness the magic of traditional music and parades.

From comedy shows at the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse to the Teddy Roosevelt Memorial and ice skating, Arlington is a city with so much to do, your best bet is to plan ahead. Book smart so you can stay longer, relax more, and make great memories in Arlington.

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