Alyssa Writes

See You Later, Canada!

Cheers, mates!

I arrived home from Martinique on May 12, 2013. Since then, I visited London; interned at a newspaper; reconnected with my estranged father; went to Chicago on a road trip; visited my aunt in Manitoulin Island; had my first cottage weekend with friends; took the first steps to move to London with my long-term and long-distance partner; I hiked with another aunt; created a website; and built my readership & following from 0 in June to over 500 unique visitors a month and more than 200 Twitter followers (okay, not amazing but I’m proud of the progress nonetheless – gotta start somewhere, right?)!

Right now, I’m on a plane about to fly to Iceland for a short visit (or a long layover, depends how you look at it 🙂 ) before I land at Heathrow airport in London. I’m probably nervous and excited, but I’ve been waking up at 5:30am for the past couple days so, I’m definitely going to be knocked out as soon as we’re at cruising altitude.

I just thought you should know: I am really happy right now.

My last walk down Philosopher’s Walk – my favourite place in university
That bench has a Jane Austen quote on it, and the 14 trees are a memorial to the 14 women slain in Montreal in 1989

To my mom and brother: Thanks for putting up with me all summer. I know you mostly thought I was just sitting on my ass all day, but I’ve actually achieved quite a bit. Love you lots – speak soon.

Lee’s Palace on Bloor St – not just a place in Scott Pilgrim

To my aunts, grandma, and cousins: Thank you for all of your support – moral, financial and otherwise. It’s thanks to you (you, too, mom and JJ) that I’m getting to continue living my dreams. I am very proud of everything you youngins are doing, by the way and I’m pleased I was able to see you this summer. Don’t be a stranger.

I’ve never decided whether I like the Crystal or not…it just IS

To my partner: You are awesome, and after months of you walking up and down hills, everyday – rain or shine – to call me on a payphone, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. You already know everything I have to say, but clearly I want the world to know I know you know.

I spent many a day and night with you lot here…
I wish I had classier taste, but it was just awesome

To my dear, dear friends: Being so far away, I didn’t get to spend as much time with you this summer as I would have liked but I know that you’re all working on really great projects and I’ll always want to hear about them! If you’re in the UK, don’t you be a stranger either.

I can’t wait to see and experience what’s next for me – but who knows, maybe I’ll be home for Christmas?