Alyssa Writes

So, Grey’s Anatomy is Back…

Okay, I rarely – if ever – post this kind of stuff on my blog. I’m not even sure where to categorize but I just HAD to do it. Grey’s Anatomy is back tomorrow for Season 11 and I literally just finished watching every. single. episode. For the second time.

I once wrote that I might love Grey’s Anatomy more than my boyfriend:

Can you blame me? It’s been 10 years!

Two women who saw me pinning it to the wall at the Southbank’s Festival of Love agreed with me.

I tear up when there are difficult moments – like when Lexi dies and when Cristina and Meredith had their final ‘dance it out’. I feel proud when someone does something awesome, like when Alex got offered the fellowship  at Johns Hopkins. I get the warm fuzzies every time they play the Derek & Meredith music – the sparkle music. Seriously, I never noticed the sparkle music until I started watching Grey’s in rapid succession. I will genuinely miss Sandra Oh’s character because she was awesome. I just have to say: THANK YOU for not killing her off. I think I never would have watched the show again.

In any case, I wanted to share this hilarious bit of stock footage I caught grace à Netflix:

In Season 7, episode 8 Callie and Cristina go the mall – I think Callie cuts her hair and Cristina decorates Burke’s old place – they do this quick shot (17:52) of the mall in ‘Seattle.’ Except that’s not Seattle, it’s the Eaton’s Centre in Toronto! I know it’s just stock footage, but I did wonder: if I was at the mall that day, could I technically say I was in Grey’s Anatomy?

That would make my LIFE.