Pool, Piscine, in Sainte Anne Martinique
Whirlpool that “broke” my pool during my BBQ/pool party

Tu as un sacré rire – You have a ‘helluva’ laugh!

So I’ve been pretty busy. At the end of October, we had a two week holiday. I’m actually counting down the days to our next one. I’m not coming into this teaching thing as well as I’d hoped. But there’s one job prospect knocked off the list! I definitely will never be a teacher. It’s irritating. I can’t think of any other way of describing it. Anyways…recap.

I basically spent the first weekend of the holiday in my room catching up on TV shows. I decided that was wholly unproductive considering the fact that I was on an island, temporarily with no obligations or responsibilities. So I decided to have a BBQ at my awesome pool. I thought 6 people or so since my landlady did not seem too pleased with the idea. Yeah, maybe 12 people showed up. My landlady gave me a funny look and I explained that some people just came with other people. It was really fun, until we allegedly broke the pool and my landlady told us to get out of the pool. We just went to the beach. Ah, the wonders of living on an island…

Halloween party in Martinique, teaching assistants
Halloween party!

Forgot to mention. I herniated a disc in my back working out the day before my BBQ. Fail. After lying on my ass for a week, I could barely walk around. Irony. But instead of sulk in my room, I decided to go salsa dancing in Ste. Luce with a few other assistants. So begins the week of being a homeless nomad. Stayed the night there and then we went surfing in Tartane on the Sunday. A couple other assistants were having a Halloween party on Monday and I thought to myself, I said, “Self, why would you go all the way back to Ste. Anne today, only to have to find a way back tomorrow?” My Self replied, “You’re right, Alyssa. What’s a better plan?” Together we decided to stay with an assistant in St. Pierre who would also be attending the party the following day.

Montagne Pelee from Saint Pierre
Visit to the banana plantations in Saint-Pierre

I got to expand my horizons on the island, and see a little bit of the north of the island, which is completely different from the south. It’s humid, rainy, and very, very green.  I ended up staying in St. Pierre for most of the week.  St. Pierre was very popular and known to be the “Paris of the Caribbean”. Until a volcanic eruption killed everyone. I guess no one listened to their mother when she said “Don’t put all your eggs in a basket at the base of a volcano”. I checked out the ruins of the town… an old theatre, the prison, etc. I went to the beach–which has black sand because of the volcano. I visited a banana plantation… the owner is loaded. Obviously. He had his own solar panels. A field of them.

All in all, in the span of 8 days, I spent one night at home. I basically ate cheese, baguettes, nuts, and pizza all week. It wasn’t a wild vacation, I actually got a little bit more of a cultural experience and spent time with some assistants that I hadn’t normally hung out with. So I messed up my back…between the BBQ, salsa dancing, surfing, going to Diamant, seeing St Pierre, chilling in Shoelcher, one day of work, a birthday party, and another beach day it’s hard to be anything but happy! Like I said, if you’re not laughing you’re crying, and I’ve been told I have a sacré rire. Apparently it’s charming. So laugh I will do. Also, we didn’t break the swimming pool. Success!

Beach, la plage, Pointe Marin, Martinique
Pool party peeps!

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